Introduction video - Barley Close

Hello! Welcome everyone to these yoga classes. This video is a short introduction to me and what you can expect! Tash

4. Tension and Self-Talk

In this final class we explore how we can let go of tension using yoga, and how we speak to ourselves. Hopefully we can become a little kinder to ourselves by using our yoga toolkit! Enjoy your practice Tash

3. Focus

In this class we explore how Yoga can help us move from an un-focused state to a focused state - and what this means. Enjoy your practice! Tash

2. Emotions

How can we regulate our emotions? This class explores how we feel, and how yoga can help us feel more in touch with our emotions. Enjoy the practice! Tash

1. Introduction to Yoga

This first class introduces students to yoga, the concept of it and why we do it. You will need a mat or a soft place to practice (a carpet will do!) Enjoy your practice, Tash

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