Year 6 Home Learning

21.1 - P.E - Health and Wellbeing

Our P.E lesson today focuses on the health of our brain. Called 7 for 7 this has some lovely activities for looking after our mental health and wellbeing over the next week and into lockdown/beyond lockdown. Suitable for other year groups, too

21.1 - Dialogue - in context

Use your increasing knowlege of dialogue to create your own scene from The Viewer.

Perimeter - Part B - 20.1.21

Prove it - tackling problems with perimeter.

Perimeter 1 - 20.1.21

How to work out the perimeter. Try it and use it with examples.

Dialogue - how to use in writing

This video explains how to use dialogue well in writing and explains your task for today, which is to change a passage of writing (with no dialogue) into another passage of writing (with dialogue).

Text analysis - Dialogue - 19/1

Analysis of dialogue - which text stlye is the best and why? Highlight the features that make good dialogue narrative.

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